Sunday, August 31, 2008

Publisher vs Self-Publishing: The Benefits of Both

by DrProactive Randy Gilbert: The #1 business advisor to authors and speakers.

The majority of people never write a book due to the problems they can see related to both ways of getting a book published and they stop trying. If you make an effort with the big New York publisher route, the beginning step of finding a publisher is not simple and it is very difficult to get the publisher to take your book and pay in advance.

If you try the self-publishing route you right away are faced with a very steep learning curve as you are forced to accomplish dozens of technically difficult tasks. And the price tag for this route is $30,000 to $40,000 when all is said and done.

Fortunately for the smart person who wants to write a book and use it to make money, there is a new alternative. There are three book publishing strategies that anyone can use to eliminate the problems and receive only the benefits.

Strategy 1 - Never give your copyrights away if you don’t have to.

There are two prime benefits to seek and they are to stay in control and make money. You can enjoy both of these self-publishing benefits if you discover a New Your Publisher that does not purchase the copyright to your book and inspires you to use as much of the content of your book as you wish to produce other products that you will be able to profit from.

Strategy 2 - Get the widest distribution possible for your book.

The wide distribution of your book is the biggest benefit of a New York Publisher. Being proactive and choosing a publisher with a wide distribution gives you the advantage of sustaining more sales. This will increase your income exponentially because each book sold in a bookstore will bring the reader back to your website, where you will sell your other products.

Strategy 3 - Turn your book into a business by creating a book marketing plan.

Another great benefit of choosing a New York Publisher is a good marketing plan, but you?re going to take it to a new level. From the beginning of your book idea, turn it into a bestselling business. You will being making money long before your book is actually published. This could bring in more profit than you?d ever get from the advance of a publisher. And you?ll reap the benefits of high sales because off of your products will sell the book when it is printed and ready to be shipped.

ACTION POINT: When you write a book, proactively look for the right publisher using the 3 strategies above and you’ll have the best of both worlds. You’ll make money all the way through the entire process from book idea to New York Times Bestseller. You’ll be able to create a book that becomes an automatic bestseller and might even earn you a passive 6 or 7-figure income.

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